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The IGNIS 2 Incendiary

Northern Drone Services has taken possession of the only IGNIS 2 Incendiary north of Brisbane, bringing the drone incendiary option to North Queensland.

A more efficient and safer option

Drone utilisation provides a more efficient and safer option for ground crews, eliminating the risk to fire fighters. An incendiary drone moves faster than ground crews through the bush and takes away the risk of trips, falls, fatigue, or even snake bites.

Better “Dragon Egg” delivery

The IGNIS 2 offers more precise deployment of “Dragon Eggs” from just above the tree line. A drone incendiary is capable of carrying 400 of these chemical spheres, with a 20 minute flight time aboard a DJI M600 Pro.

Improved accuracy eliminates redundancy of eggs that are deployed outside of the planned burn area.

Producing the desired effect

The Drone is pre-programmed before flight from a KML PDF file supplied by the contractor of the burn area. The intensity of the fire is then programmed with the distance between balls dropped and the route requested to achieve the desired effect.



Images and Information

IGNIS 2 with "Dragon Balls"

Incendiary Drone with "Dragon Balls"

A drone equipped with IGNIS chemical spheres, ready to effectively drop it’s highly efficient balls on active wild fire areas to prevent further damage and save lives.

Firefighting Drone

Firefighting Drone

A firefighting drone, set up for departure, ready to fight wildfires by setting pre-prescribed burns with it’s high-tech app capabilities and efficient controls.


IGNIS 2 Incendiary

IGNIS Incendiary

This incendiary is capable of carrying 400 “Dragon Eggs”. When aboard a DJI M600 Pro Drone, the payload is available for a 20 minute flight time.

The incendiary drone can be set up to produce a cool burn effect or a hot burn, depending on the client’s request.

Waypoints for Autonomous Terrain

Waypoints for Autonomous Terrain

Using the app interface, locations can be selected on a map to create waypoints for autonomous terrain following the flight and then sections of the path can be selected to drop ignition spheres “Dragon Balls” along.

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